Directions to Pittsburgh Warehouse

Display recognizes it is important to our customers to minimize freight costs,
so we have set up warehouses with select merchandise that is expensive to ship
or high demand. Not all merchandise shown online or in our catalog is available
at every warehouse, however, we frequently ship stock orders to our pick up
facilities, and can include preorders for additional merchandise with these
shipments. Plan to order about 2 weeks ahead of time, and we will have your
order shipped to our pick up facility at no additional charge! Orders for assembled
showcases, custom millwork, metal gondola sections and Tropic Inspiration
pieces cannot be processed through this warehouse. Please call for a shipping
estimate to your destination.

Hours for pick up: Monday-Friday 7:00am-3:30pm

A Few Things to Remember:
– You need to call 800-222-2702 to place your order at least 24 hours ahead of time.
– Should you need to make any changes, you need to call 800-222-2702. Changes cannot be made at the time of pick up with the warehouse staff. They must be made with our sales associates.
– Slatwall is anywhere between 85-100lbs per sheet. It is 4’H and 8’W. Please come in a vehicle that is equipped to handle the size and weight of your order.
– It is your responsibility to secure your load. The warehouse will not provide ropes or twine. Please come prepared.
– If you need a receipt or a copy of an invoice, please call your sales associate.


note- any order under $100 is subject to a $10 warehouse handling fee. 

362  Brickyard Hill Rd
Ruffs Dale, PA 15679